Clean up your Inbox, eat Bacn

Posted by Eric Bastholm on October 9, 2009
Oct 092009

We all know what spam is right. But what about bacn? Bacn is email that you have subscribed to that comes from sources that interest you:

  • Newletters from clubs
  • Solicited advertising
  • Condensed summaries of other web content

How can you use bacn to keep your email inbox more organized?

Bacn emails are ones where you are sort of interested, but maybe not right now. Spam, of course, is just another name for emails that are trash. You would normally want to just delete this straight away and preferrably never see other emails like again. Bacn, on the other hand, are emails that you might read later or might not.

Ideally, your inbox would only ever have email that needs timely attention. Spam you would like deleted and bacn put somewhere else for those moments when you have time to look at them. You can do this by utilising the folder and filter features that are available in most email readers.

  • Create a bacn folder
  • Create a filter to add bacn to the bacn folder when it is delivered
  • Use a spam filter to delete spam.

I use GMail for all my email. Over the years I have found it to be a brilliant interface and because it is web based and runs in your browser there is no problems with syncing or accessing your email from anywhere. It also has folder and filter features. I have set up a bacn folder and created filters which examine the from address field of incoming emails and directs them to bacn if appropriate. GMail also employs great spam filtering and I rarely get any spam.

With this set up I only have emails in my inbox that require attention or that I want to read. Emails that I can read anytime are put into bacn. And spam, of course, I never see.

Spam is such a huge problem that you will not be able to handle deleting it by using filters alone. It requires the use of specialist spam filters that are generally employed by ISPs and email hosting companies like GMail. If you are getting a lot of spam find out if you need to do anything at the mail server end of your account to get it deleted before it gets to you.

Set up a bacn folder, make sure you have some spam filtering in place and enjoy an uncluttered inbox.

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