Quality Grows from the Start

Posted by Eric Bastholm on October 27, 2010
Oct 272010

When developing your product you must build in quality from the moment you start. In fact from the moment you conceive of it. Bad design or bad implementation that creeps into the work is very difficult to remove and some elements of it will remain indefinitely.

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In a physical product like a manufactured object bad quality can affect its life or performance, this will affect the buyer’s perception of it and through that their perception of your company and it’s business.

In a more abstract product, such as software, the problem can be much worse. Over the lifetime of software the development costs can be enormous. Bad quality that enters the development process can increase this even more, sometimes by orders of magnitude. This is because as the code becomes more complex and more and more people come onto the project you get an amplification of this bad stuff. Developers will copy code to create new code that is similar. If they copy something that is bad, inefficient, or too complex, this bad trait will propogate like a virus through the system. Developers will also become slower and make far more errors increasing costs even more.

Even worse, your code warrior types, who pride themselves on creating elegant solutions, will become unhappy with the situation, become less productive and may even leave taking their knowledge and valuable skills with them, again, costing mega dollars.

Small, cheap checks and balances right from the start to ensure good quality will be the best investment you can make when developing your product. Just do it.

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