Is your website or application design working?

You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your nice design. But does it actually achieve what you expect? Do everyday users see it as you do? Or, frustrated, have they gone to a competitor instead?

Users of your application or website are not people generally adept at information processing, unlike developers who are generally very good at it. Unfortunately, applications and websites are designed by developers not users, and all too often, they design something they like; not something that actually works or is easy to use for Mr A. Customer.

Studies show that the better the user experience the more likely they are to convert (buy, download, register, etc). Often, small changes to a design can have large effects on usability and user acceptance.

We use proven methods and research to produce a design, or identify short comings in an existing one, that is more likely to please the user and so more likely to create loyalty and desire in your business.

Better conversion rates can be achieved by asking:

  • How do I improve usability of my design?
  • Can I reduce complexity of my design?
  • Do I have consistency across my design?
  • Is the user enjoying successful task completion?
  • Am I meeting expectations of the user?
  • Is the application cluttered with unused features?
  • How is my brand perception online?
  • How does the search engine view my site?
  • Should I get into social networking?

Answering these questions will show where you need to modify your design to make it optimal and work for you. Find out more about our experience and how we can help you or contact us.

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