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This page shows some mock ups of possible science based logos as extensions of the symbol described in A Universal Symbol for Science, an attempt to create a symbol or logo that represents science in a general fashion, following the idea published in Newscientist by Paul Root Wolpe. One of the criteria for such a symbol is to be able to extend it to include the identifier of other entities who wish to be seen as supporters of science. Here a few possible ones using well known logos from science organisations. None of them endorsed or authorised by these organisations, of course, so please don’t use them in any official capacity. What do you think?

Click the images to see bigger versions.

Cern and science logo


Royal Society  and science logo

Royal Society

Smithsonian  and science logo


Emory and science logo

Emory University

Medicine and science logo


Nasa and science logo


Atom and science logo


Newscientist and science logo


Bio and science logo


Phinetune likes science too!
Medicine symbol from Royal Society of Medicine.
Atomic symbol from
Newscientist logo and images from
Bilology Helix symbol adapted from DNA Double Helix by Radu on

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