SEO and Analytics

Having a website design that considers usability, consistency, and simplicity gives the user an enjoyable experience that will improve conversions and user loyalty, but it is not the whole picture. You also want to attract new users to your website or web application and, if possible, you want to improve the design to increase its effectiveness.

To increase your user base users need to find you on the web. Users will find you through various means:

  • Search
  • Maps search
  • Social networks
  • Links from other websites or applications
  • Discussion forums
  • Directories
  • Advertising
  • Mobile device applications

Your design should be search engine friendly not just people friendly. Your design should consider the search engine as well as the user. Often small changes can make a big difference in how your site is indexed and how it appears in search engine result pages (SERPS). The way the navigation is design or how headings are used; these things can all make a difference.
Once you have optimised your site so people can find you, the next step is to analyse the traffic patterns and monitor how changes to your design affect them. This is called analytics and involves using tools to process the enormous amounts of data that can be generated from people using your website.

  • Clicks (hits)
  • Time on site
  • Which pages were viewed
  • Navigation path
  • Conversions
  • Keywords used in searches

All these things can give you information on how the user is using your design and whether it could be better.
Phinetune are experienced ex-developers who now work in the area of design usability and can help you use SEO techniques and analytics to complement your design so you know what is working to get you traffic and conversions. The best time to do this, of course, is right at the beginning and Phinetune can help you there too by getting in at the very start of your project and help you to create a good design by working with the developers and speaking their language.

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