Simple design is effective design

Start with a design as simple as you can, then grow it.

Your design should be a simple as it can be. A simple design will be an effective design.

A simple design will:

Even experienced users will appreciate a simple elegant design, allowing them to focus on the semantics of the task rather than the mechanisms for achieving it.
Simplicity does not necessarily mean less features or dumb. It means achieving your design goals with the least amount of complexity. This does not come easy and a lot of prototyping and thought must go into the design process to optimise it. You must consider how different parts of your design will interact and make sure that you maintain a consistent mental model.
Phinetune are experienced ex-developers who now work in the area of design usability and can help you to identify excessive complexity in your design that is probably costing you, either money or web traffic, or both. The best time to fix something, of course, is right at the beginning and Phinetune can help you there too by getting in at the very start of your project and help you to create a good design by working with the developers and speaking their language.

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