Usability and UX


Your design needs to be usable and easy for your customers to understand. It should just do what they expect. Feel natural. They shouldn’t have to work hard to give you their money!
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User Experience

Your design should deliver a pleasing user experience. Only then will they tell their friends and give you loyalty. You want them to come back. You want your user base to grow.
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Your design should be consistent. Inconsistencies in different parts of your website or application will lead to it being less usable, more confusing, and error-prone.
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SEO and Analytics

Your design should be search engine friendlynot just people friendly. You need to know what the traffic patterns are like and how changes to your design affect them.
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Your design should be as simple as it can be. Even experienced users appreciate elegant simplicity. It leaves them to focus on tasks rather than procedure.
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Task Analysis

Your design should consider your user’s goals. What tasks are they using your design for? Are they achieving their goals efficiently? Do they reach conversion?
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