Most designers of a website or application probably reckon that their design is user friendly, easy to use and not error prone. Probably, they are wrong. Strangely, some of the biggest companies, who you would think have nice large budgets for tackling the issues of usability have the most unusable sites.

Don’t take offense at this. Every website, every application, every anything running on a computer has usability issues. This is largely due to the fact that in most software development companies design tasks are done by developers. Lovable though they are with their fondness for t-shirts with superhero logos and usb-powered gadgets, their modes of thinking, optimized mostly for the processing of very complex information, means that developers tend to be insensitive to the needs of the user, who is a person who doesn’t think that way. The result – usually a design that is very functional but perhaps not so easy to use.

Improved website usability and application usability can increase the effectiveness of your design to your business and can increase conversions, which means more users, more traffic, more response, more money.

Phinetune (who are, as it happens, experienced ex-developers who have seen the light) can help you to identify existing usability issues in your design that are probably costing you, either money or web traffic, or both. The best time to fix something, of course, is right at the beginning and Phinetune can help you there too by getting in at the very start of your project and help you to create a good design by working with the developers and speaking their language.

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