User Experience

The most important outcome of your design is the user experience. The user experience is what you are designing for really. The problem your design solves or the features that it provides are a given; your design must meet these goals as a minimum and even a bad design will do this. What makes a good design is achieving these goals while providing an enjoyable user experience.

Your design should deliver a pleasing user experience. Only then will they tell their friends and give you loyalty. You want them to come back. You want your user base to grow.
A good user experience will:

  • Promote loyalty.
  • Get the user to come back.
  • Get the user to tell their friends.
  • Raise confidence in your brand.
  • Increase conversion (sales, downloads, etc).

Aspects of the design that influence the user experience are usability, consistency, and simplicity. All of these things will improve the user experience because the design will be easy to use, have predictable behavior, and won’t confuse the user.

The user experience also extends beyond the design of your website or application too. The user experience includes other channels of information, such as social networking, email, and mobile devices. It also includes how you handle conflict and complaints. Many things combine to make a user experience and you can keep ahead of the competition by considering the whole picture.

Phinetune are experienced ex-developers who now work in the area of design usability and can help you to identify user experience issues in your design that are probably costing you, either money or web traffic, or both. The best time to fix something, of course, is right at the beginning and Phinetune can help you there too by getting in at the very start of your project and help you to create a good design by working with the developers and speaking their language.

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